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  • Talk to Me
    Voices | Jan 2012

    Talk to Me

    For this airline employee, fluency across languages translates to great customer service

  • Family Ties
    Voices | Dec 2011

    Family Ties

    For one dedicated pilot, making his career choice meant following in Mom’s contrails

  • A Shining Example
    Voices | Nov 2011

    A Shining Example

    International Concierge Gloria ‘Glo’ Leitao brightens up the day for customers and co-workers alike

  • Varied Bliss
    Voices | Oct 2011

    Varied Bliss

    When every day brings something new, job satisfaction stays constant

  • Pursuing Plan A
    Voices | Sep 2011

    Pursuing Plan A

    When you have a passion for flying, the dream is worth the sacrifice

  • Supporting the Network
    Voices | Aug 2011

    Supporting the Network

    For Customer Service Representative Mary Brown, keeping travelers happy and technology healthy are all in a day’s work.

  • In the Nerve Center
    Voices | Jul 2011

    In the Nerve Center

    Air Traffic Control Coordinator Craig Podzielinski looks at the big picture

  • Pay It Forward
    Voices | Jan 2011

    Pay It Forward

    By listening to its employees, United is creating a better airline

  • Operating System
    Voices | Dec 2010

    Operating System

    United’s new chief operations officer’s focus is clear: clean, safe, reliable

  • Combined Strength
    Voices | Nov 2010

    Combined Strength

    Jeff Smisek shares his thoughts on the United–Continental merger

  • Ready for Takeoff
    Voices | Oct 2010

    Ready for Takeoff

    Merging with Continental creates a new United Airlines

  • Knowledge Is Power
    Voices | Sep 2010

    Knowledge Is Power

    For United Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President Keith Halbert, implementing next-generation technology means helping customers have a hassle-free travel experience

  • The Networker
    Voices | Aug 2010

    The Networker

    Cindy Szadokierski, vice president of Airport Operations Planning and United Express, helps United connect the world

  • Recognition and Rewards
    Voices | Jul 2010

    Recognition and Rewards

    Graham Atkinson, president of Mileage Plus, has given United’s award-winning loyalty program an upgrade … in more ways than one

  • A True Win-Win
    Voices | Jun 2010

    A True Win-Win

    By combining United and Continental, we are building a strong airline that will benefit customers, employees and stockholders alike

  • True Mentor
    Voices | May 2010

    True Mentor

    Joanne Calabrese, vice president of Airport Operations–Hubs, is improving the airline’s performance the best way she knows how: by example

  • Fuel Intentions
    Voices | Apr 2010

    Fuel Intentions

    Captain Joe Burns, United’s managing director-technology and flight test, helps increase the energy efficiency of United’s fleet

  • The Connector
    Voices | Mar 2010

    The Connector

    When disaster struck Haiti, United pitched in to help

  • Always With a Safety Mindset
    Voices | Feb 2010

    Always With a Safety Mindset

    Michael Quiello, United’s top safety officer, talks about the foundation of the airline’s business: a proactive and uncompromising approach to safety and security

  • Unconditional Cabin Conditions
    Voices | Jan 2010

    Unconditional Cabin Conditions

    In addition to maintaining the safety and reliability of United’s fleet, Senior Vice President Jim Keenan is responsible for keeping the cabins in top condition

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