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  • Flying Higher
    Voices | Oct 2014

    Flying Higher

    For 787 pilot Deon Byrne, getting there is more than half the fun

  • In for the Long Haul
    Voices | Oct 2014

    In for the Long Haul

    From Jaguars to jaguars, Vince Yanak makes success happen for customers—one load at a time

  • Safety First
    Voices | Sep 2014

    Safety First

    Scotty Stoddart’s legacy proves a boon for United customers

  • Great Scot!
    Voices | Aug 2014

    Great Scot!

    Stephanie Hammond turns her love of flying into a love of serving the flying public

  • Code Whisperer
    Voices | Jul 2014

    Code Whisperer

    Erik Stogo follows his passion to offer new adventures for United customers

  • Moore Satisfaction
    Voices | Jun 2014

    Moore Satisfaction

    This United senior manager draws on her family’s trades of hospitality and construction to deliver custom comfort around the globe

  • Elevated Dining
    Voices | May 2014

    Elevated Dining

    Heather Sayers admits it takes a lot of workers—and a whole lot of cooler space—to keep customers satisfied

  • Don’t Burn This
    Voices | Apr 2014

    Don’t Burn This

    Joel Booth’s work on fuel efficiency helps save the planet—along with a whole lot of money

  • The Possible Dream
    Voices | Mar 2014

    The Possible Dream

    Amy Kolesar’s drive at work leads to a dream-worthy drive on the road

  • Catching Air
    Voices | Feb 2014

    Catching Air

    When serendipity speaks, this flight attendant tunes in to the chatter

  • When Broncos Soar
    Voices | Jan 2014

    When Broncos Soar

    From before takeoff to after touchdown, Jason Frank scores a win with this NFL team

  • Upwardly Mobile
    Voices | Dec 2013

    Upwardly Mobile

    Jacob Guerra and his team bring old-fashioned customer service to the industry’s newest endeavor.

  • Coast-to-Coast Class
    Voices | Nov 2013

    Coast-to-Coast Class

    Flight attendant Heather Adams serves up can-do spirit all across the country

  • Paying It Forward
    Voices | Oct 2013

    Paying It Forward

    With a little help from her friends, Brigette Bacheller makes a pink impact.

  • Expecting the Unexpected
    Voices | Sep 2013

    Expecting the Unexpected

    Jay Hakim loves the challenge of disrupting service interruptions.

  • Ramped Up
    Voices | Aug 2013

    Ramped Up

    For one Houston employee, working at the airport is about much, much more than just servicing airplanes.

  • Every Little Thing
    Voices | Jul 2013

    Every Little Thing

    For United’s premier customers, sometimes the most important details are the ones that no one sees

  • If the Name Fits
    Voices | Jun 2013

    If the Name Fits

    Denver Customer Service Agent Rufus Lovett offers service with a smile

  • Answer Man
    Voices | May 2013

    Answer Man

    Whether upgrading facilities or dealing with the unexpected, Rick Hoefling thrives on solving the trickiest problems

  • Well Grounded
    Voices | Apr 2013

    Well Grounded

    For John Watson, no change is too small—or big—to make when it comes to keeping United environmentally friendly

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