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  • On Manchester Style
    Wear in... | Feb 2015

    On Manchester Style

    It’s possible that there isn’t anyone as fashionable and funny in all of Manchester as Shannon Oakley of online retailer Accessoryo. The witty 23-year-old studied English at university but quickly rose through the fashion ranks, moving from Accessoryo’s social media assistant to its head buyer and creative director within just a year. Here, the fringe-loving […]

  • On Seoul Style
    Style | Jan 2015

    On Seoul Style

    When it comes to fashion, it’s no wonder Sung Hee Kim likes to “mix and match.” How’s a girl to choose a favorite when a day’s work consists of modeling everything from Joe Fresh to Prada and catwalking for the likes of Dior, Chanel and Burberry? Luckily, this 5-foot-10, 27-year-old fashion veteran from Korea’s most […]

  • On Montreal Style
    Wear in... | Dec 2014

    On Montreal Style

    Style tips from chic Montreal couple Rachel Fortin and Mathieu Mudie

  • Wear in… Bogotá
    Wear in... | Oct 2014

    Wear in… Bogotá

    Bogotá-based stylist and designer Angélica C. Balanta is not one to sit still. Born in the country’s southwest city of Cali, this 30-year-old Colombian has lived all over the world, from Mexico to London to Tel Aviv. However, when she became a mom last year, she settled in the Colombian capital, where she now writes […]

  • Wear in… Lisbon: Sónia Pessoa
    Wear in... | Oct 2014

    Wear in… Lisbon: Sónia Pessoa

    Tips from designer Sónia Pessoa

  • Wear in… Stockholm: Linus Stridfelt
    Wear in... | Sep 2014

    Wear in… Stockholm: Linus Stridfelt

    Fashion tips from former model Linus Stridfelt

  • Castaway Couture
    Style | Sep 2014

    Castaway Couture

    It’s hard to find a more scenic view of the ocean than from a rooftop at the Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui’s only all-suite-and-villa luxury oceanfront resort

  • Wear in… Ho Chi Minh City: Christina Yu
    Wear in... | Aug 2014

    Wear in… Ho Chi Minh City: Christina Yu

    Fashion tips from handbag designer Christina Yu

  • Wear in… Amsterdam: Sven Signe den Hartogh
    Wear in... | Jul 2014

    Wear in… Amsterdam: Sven Signe den Hartogh

    He may call himself a university dropout, but this 21-year-old Dutchman is well educated in denim. As founder of The Stranded Sailors, an online lifestyle destination and community for jean fanatics, den Hartogh has strong opinions about how to wear your favorite pair.

  • Wear in… Chicago: D. Graham Kostic
    Wear in... | Jun 2014

    Wear in… Chicago: D. Graham Kostic

    As creative and editorial director of the “unpretentiously chic” digital video magazine Glossed & Found, this 32-year-old man about town knows a thing or two about putting together a Chicago-appropriate look.

  • Wear in … Tel Aviv: Korin Avraham
    Wear in... | May 2014

    Wear in … Tel Aviv: Korin Avraham

    This Israeli lawyer may wear a white button-down and blazer to court, but as the founder of the popular fashion blog Ya Salam, she certainly doesn’t keep her style under wraps during her off hours. Here, she tells us what’s kosher to wear in Tel Aviv.

  • Wear in … Miami
    Wear in... | Apr 2014

    Wear in … Miami

    Rachael Russell With a client list that includes Sony Music, Lindsay Lohan and Neiman Marcus, it’s no wonder this Ford Models wardrobe stylist is in high demand. The 26-year-old founder of Style Saves, a non-profit that provides outfits for underprivileged youth on their first day of school, shares her advice for blending in in Miami. How would […]

  • There once was a party in Dublin
    Style | Mar 2014

    There once was a party in Dublin

    Everything you need for St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin

  • ¡Que linda!
    Style | Mar 2014

    ¡Que linda!

    While the fashion world spent last month showing off its upcoming fall collections in the wintry climes of New York and Paris, we tried on some summer looks in the comfortable environs of Mexico City

  • Paris: Inès-Olympe Mercadal
    Wear in... | Mar 2014

    Paris: Inès-Olympe Mercadal

    The fifth-generation shoe designer for Atelier Mercadal, who will open a new store in St.-Germain-des-Prés this month, tells us how to be well-heeled in the City of Light.

  • Tokyo: Joe Kazuaki
    Wear in... | Feb 2014

    Tokyo: Joe Kazuaki

    The stylist, photographer, model and co-founder of the wildly popular blog Tokyo Dandy tells us where to shop in Japan’s capital city and how fashion changed after the tsunami of 2011

  • Wear in… New Orleans
    Wear in... | Jan 2014

    Wear in… New Orleans

    Wear in … New Orleans

  • Wear in… Dubai: Maha Abdul Rasheed
    Wear in... | Dec 2013

    Wear in… Dubai: Maha Abdul Rasheed

    Home to extravagant skyscrapers and the wealthy folks who live in them, Dubai has more than its share of upscale shopping malls.

  • Wear in … London: Charlotte Taylor
    Wear in... | Nov 2013

    Wear in … London: Charlotte Taylor

    Up-and-coming fashion designer Charlotte Taylor, fresh off the opening of her label’s first brick-and-mortar location, gives us a few pointers on London style

  • Wear in… Venice Beach
    Wear in... | Oct 2013

    Wear in… Venice Beach

    As the co-founder of surfwear brands Gonz!, Warriors of Radness and Brothers Marshall, surfer Chad Marshall is well-positioned to tell us what’s fashionable on L.A.’s beach scene

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