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    The Fan

  • Play’s the Thing
    The Fan | Jul 2013

    Play’s the Thing

    Offering everything from donkey polo to world-class golf, Casa de Campo is an activity addict’s paradise

  • Sure Thing
    The Fan | Jun 2013

    Sure Thing

    The outcome of the NBA playoffs is all but a foregone conclusion even before the first ball has bounced. So why do people keep watching?

  • Sevens Heaven
    The Fan | May 2013

    Sevens Heaven

    Combine American football and the 100-meter dash, pump up the adrenaline level, throw in a couple of Elvis costumes—and you have one of the world’s fastest-growing sports

  • No-Spin Zone
    The Fan | Apr 2013

    No-Spin Zone

    Will R.A. Dickey spark a knuckleball revival?

  • Great Scottsdale
    The Fan | Mar 2013

    Great Scottsdale

    Exploring the other side of a global golf mecca. While wearing a kilt. And riding a Segway.

  • Learning Curve
    The Fan | Feb 2013

    Learning Curve

    Danica Patrick is a magnet for media attention and sponsor dollars, but can the gold-plated NASCAR newbie live up to her own hype?

  • Game On
    The Fan | Jan 2013

    Game On

    For years, the Super Bowl was one numbing blowout after another. Today, many of the contests are instant classics. What changed?

  • High Tide
    The Fan | Dec 2012

    High Tide

    A Yankee football fan heads to Alabama to witness the glory of Coach Bear’s court

  • Swing and a Miss
    The Fan | Oct 2012

    Swing and a Miss

    Why is everyone in Major League Baseball striking out so much?

  • Basket Case
    The Fan | Sep 2012

    Basket Case

    One man’s single-minded quest to master the art of the jump shot

  • Novelty Acts
    The Fan | Aug 2012

    Novelty Acts

    With women’s boxing making its debut at the London 2012 Olympic Games, we take a look back at some events that didn’t quite cut it (RIP, “swimming obstacle race”)

  • Wicket Games
    The Fan | Jul 2012

    Wicket Games

    Amid a renewed push to make cricket an Olympic sport, one writer goes to bat for this shockingly aggressive — yet delightfully civilized — pastime

  • A Return to Form
    The Fan | Jun 2012

    A Return to Form

    After her Olympic career was nearly derailed by a “Dancing With the Stars” mishap, volleyball phenom Misty May-Treanor prepares for a big comeback in London

  • Unsinkable
    The Fan | May 2012


    The rise and fall — and rise — of U.S. swimmer Katie Hoff

  • The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Racewalker
    The Fan | Apr 2012

    The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Racewalker

    Olympics-bound U.S. racewalker Trevor Barron’s uphill path to the top

  • Fighting Chance
    The Fan | Mar 2012

    Fighting Chance

    U.S. boxer Rau’shee Warren powers his way back for a third shot at Olympic glory

  • Gold Rush
    The Fan | Feb 2012

    Gold Rush

    With the London Olympics approaching, U.S. sprinter Allyson Felix is on track for an individual gold

  • Field Notes
    The Fan | Jan 2012

    Field Notes

    Just in time for all those college bowl parties, we put together a roster of stadium trivia that’s guaranteed to impress the crowd

  • Heavy Weighs the Crown
    The Fan | Dec 2011

    Heavy Weighs the Crown

    Why everyone should just learn to love LeBron

  • Rare Breed
    The Fan | Nov 2011

    Rare Breed

    A look at the thrilling run-up to this year’s Breeders’ Cup

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