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    The Fan

  • Fit Club
    The Fan | Jun 2011

    Fit Club

    A writer signs on for the extreme exercise regimen known as CrossFit. Torment ensues.

  • Dangerous Curves
    The Fan | May 2011

    Dangerous Curves

    A celebration of the humble Wiffle Ball

  • If It Ain’t Broke, It Ain’t Golf
    Sports | Apr 2011

    If It Ain’t Broke, It Ain’t Golf

    One (very) amateur golfer travels to Mississippi’s gulf coast to see if the sport’s best new technology can improve his game. By Mike Guy

  • We All Shine On
    Sports | Mar 2011

    We All Shine On

    Or do we? These five NCAA hoops heroes offer a glimpse at life after march madness.

  • Speed Freak
    Sports | Feb 2011

    Speed Freak

    Equal parts motocross champion, rally car ace and Evel Knievel, Travis Pastrana is about to embark on his biggest dare yet: saving nascar

  • Head Game
    Sports | Jan 2011

    Head Game

    To prevent injury, the NFL could stand to be more cerebral.

  • Golf: A Love Story
    Sports | Dec 2010

    Golf: A Love Story

    The greens of Kauai entice a former golfer back to the tee.

  • The Need for Speed
    Sports | Nov 2010

    The Need for Speed

    A motorcycle race in Monterey, California, takes competitors for a wild ride

  • Double Play
    Sports | Oct 2010

    Double Play

    After 13 years working together, the bloom is still on the rose for baseball sportscasters Tim McCarver and Joe Buck.

  • Varsity Blues
    Sports | Sep 2010

    Varsity Blues

    NCAA football coach Rich Rodriguez fumbled when he moved to Michigan. Can he recover?

  • Long Shot
    Sports | Aug 2010

    Long Shot

    An amateur tennis player gets served when he tries for a slot at the U.S. Open.

  • Adult Swim
    Sports | Jul 2010

    Adult Swim

    A lifetime swimming-phobe finally takes the plunge.

  • Kicking and Screaming
    Sports | Jun 2010

    Kicking and Screaming

    A soccer fanatic would give up anything to see the World Cup. Well, almost anything.

  • Be the Ball
    Sports | May 2010

    Be the Ball

    With a Zen approach to putting and driving, Thailand is fast becoming a top golf destination.

  • Game Theory
    Sports | Apr 2010

    Game Theory

    With the start of baseball season comes a whole lot of hooey. We dispel some of the myths.

  • Go Ahead and Jump
    Sports | Mar 2010

    Go Ahead and Jump

    With March Madness around the corner, a basketball lover finally learns how to shoot a jumper.

  • Bowled Over
    Sports | Jan 2010

    Bowled Over

    Why football’s biggest game should be played in the top team’s town

  • Ice Capades
    Sports | Dec 2009

    Ice Capades

    For the NHL, getting locked out of network television has led to an online revolution.

  • Beautiful Losers
    Sports | Nov 2009

    Beautiful Losers

    A fan of a football underdog tries to find joy in supporting a winning team.

  • Higher Power
    Sports | Oct 2009

    Higher Power

    Racers have tackled Pikes Peak since 1916. This year, a veteran attempts a record in a 800-horsepower Ford Fiesta.

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