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  • We All Shine On
    Sports | Mar 2011

    We All Shine On

    Or do we? These five NCAA hoops heroes offer a glimpse at life after march madness.

  • Speed Freak
    Sports | Feb 2011

    Speed Freak

    Equal parts motocross champion, rally car ace and Evel Knievel, Travis Pastrana is about to embark on his biggest dare yet: saving nascar

  • Head Game
    Sports | Jan 2011

    Head Game

    To prevent injury, the NFL could stand to be more cerebral.

  • Golf: A Love Story
    Sports | Dec 2010

    Golf: A Love Story

    The greens of Kauai entice a former golfer back to the tee.

  • The Need for Speed
    Sports | Nov 2010

    The Need for Speed

    A motorcycle race in Monterey, California, takes competitors for a wild ride

  • Double Play
    Sports | Oct 2010

    Double Play

    After 13 years working together, the bloom is still on the rose for baseball sportscasters Tim McCarver and Joe Buck.

  • Varsity Blues
    Sports | Sep 2010

    Varsity Blues

    NCAA football coach Rich Rodriguez fumbled when he moved to Michigan. Can he recover?

  • Long Shot
    Sports | Aug 2010

    Long Shot

    An amateur tennis player gets served when he tries for a slot at the U.S. Open.

  • Adult Swim
    Sports | Jul 2010

    Adult Swim

    A lifetime swimming-phobe finally takes the plunge.

  • Kicking and Screaming
    Sports | Jun 2010

    Kicking and Screaming

    A soccer fanatic would give up anything to see the World Cup. Well, almost anything.

  • Be the Ball
    Sports | May 2010

    Be the Ball

    With a Zen approach to putting and driving, Thailand is fast becoming a top golf destination.

  • Game Theory
    Sports | Apr 2010

    Game Theory

    With the start of baseball season comes a whole lot of hooey. We dispel some of the myths.

  • Go Ahead and Jump
    Sports | Mar 2010

    Go Ahead and Jump

    With March Madness around the corner, a basketball lover finally learns how to shoot a jumper.

  • Bowled Over
    Sports | Jan 2010

    Bowled Over

    Why football’s biggest game should be played in the top team’s town

  • Ice Capades
    Sports | Dec 2009

    Ice Capades

    For the NHL, getting locked out of network television has led to an online revolution.

  • Beautiful Losers
    Sports | Nov 2009

    Beautiful Losers

    A fan of a football underdog tries to find joy in supporting a winning team.

  • Higher Power
    Sports | Oct 2009

    Higher Power

    Racers have tackled Pikes Peak since 1916. This year, a veteran attempts a record in a 800-horsepower Ford Fiesta.

  • Fantasy Football
    Sports | Sep 2009

    Fantasy Football

    The NFL could use a little help boosting its profile, don’t you think?

  • Wooden It Be Nice?
    Sports | Aug 2009

    Wooden It Be Nice?

    New tennis rackets made of high-tech materials make us nostalgic for simpler times.

  • Never Say Goodbye
    Sports | Jul 2009

    Never Say Goodbye

    When did Major League Baseball players forget the art of the graceful exit?

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