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    The Fan

  • Bionic Ballplayers
    The Fan | Jan 2015

    Bionic Ballplayers

    How sports science is helping professional athletes raise their performance

  • The Undisputed Champion?
    The Fan | Dec 2014

    The Undisputed Champion?

    With a new playoff system, college football seeks to end a tradition of convoluted, often unsuccessful attempts to award a national title

  • There’s No Place Like Home?
    The Fan | Oct 2014

    There’s No Place Like Home?

    Note to LeBron James: The hero treatment doesn’t always last for athletes who return to play for their hometown teams

  • Playing by the Numbers
    The Fan | Oct 2014

    Playing by the Numbers

    The stats revolution isn’t just for baseball anymore

  • Bait and Switch
    The Fan | Sep 2014

    Bait and Switch

    After a high-tech salmon-catching expedition, a skeptic realizes the joys of slow fishing

  • Armed and Delicate
    The Fan | Aug 2014

    Armed and Delicate

    Baseball pitchers throw far fewer innings and are treated much more carefully than they once were. So why are they getting hurt more than ever?

  • Get off my lawn!
    The Fan | Jul 2014

    Get off my lawn!

    For a small band of British greenskeepers, the Tour de France’s arrival in England spells nothing but trouble

  • Betting on the Jockey
    The Fan | Jun 2014

    Betting on the Jockey

    At this year’s Belmont Stakes, forget the horse and put your money on the rider

  • Girl Power
    The Fan | May 2014

    Girl Power

    The gladiators of the U.S.’s ladies’ arm wrestling leagues say their sport is more than just a sideshow

  • Everybody’s an Umpire
    The Fan | Apr 2014

    Everybody’s an Umpire

    With Major League Baseball’s expansion of instant replay, a rowdy crowd could end up calling the game

  • In Praise of the Nobodies
    The Fan | Mar 2014

    In Praise of the Nobodies

    This March Madness, don’t let the stars define the tournament; let the tournament determine the stars

  • Picking Sides
    The Fan | Feb 2014

    Picking Sides

    With the Brooklyn Nets making a play to take over the Big Apple, longtime fans of the woeful New York Knicks consider their options

  • A Game of Inches?
    The Fan | Jan 2014

    A Game of Inches?

    With the NFL gearing up for the first outdoor Super Bowl in a region susceptible to blizzards, we talk to Terry Bradshaw about—what else?—the weather

  • The Numbers Game
    The Fan | Dec 2013

    The Numbers Game

    Deciphering the ATP’s world tennis rankings

  • The Ultimate Question
    The Fan | Nov 2013

    The Ultimate Question

    Can a sport made for amateurs make it in the pros?

  • Breaking the Code
    The Fan | Oct 2013

    Breaking the Code

    In the age of the $100 million athlete, will Major League Baseball continue to allow ballplayers to police themselves?

  • Going for Broke
    The Fan | Sep 2013

    Going for Broke

    The Dodgers’ big-money push for marquee players might pay off, but it doesn’t always

  • Sea Change
    The Fan | Aug 2013

    Sea Change

    With deadly wipeouts, big brand sponsorship and billionaire patrons, America’s Cup is starting to resemble NASCAR

  • Play’s the Thing
    The Fan | Jul 2013

    Play’s the Thing

    Offering everything from donkey polo to world-class golf, Casa de Campo is an activity addict’s paradise

  • Sure Thing
    The Fan | Jun 2013

    Sure Thing

    The outcome of the NBA playoffs is all but a foregone conclusion even before the first ball has bounced. So why do people keep watching?

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