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  • Riding With Mr. Thong
    Features | Jul 2009

    Riding With Mr. Thong

    Fifty years after Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail was hacked through the jungle, Hemispheres explores it from the seat of a motorcycle.

  • The Western Lands
    Features | Jun 2009

    The Western Lands

    A world away from Sydney, the barren Aboriginal lands of Western Australia are starting to shake off their painful past.

  • Exile on 8th Street
    Features | Jun 2009

    Exile on 8th Street

    For half a century, Cubans have kept their culture alive in Little Havana. As the U.S.- Cuba relationship thaws, what will become of this Miami neighborhood?

  • Patience Is a Virtue
    Features | May 2009

    Patience Is a Virtue

    More than 100 years in the making, Barcelona’s exquisite Sagrada Familia cathedral, the phantasmagorical masterpiece conjured up by renowned architectural madman Antoni Gaudí, may finally, almost be nearly done.

  • The Horsemen of Waimea
    Features | May 2009

    The Horsemen of Waimea

    Horse whisperer Harry Nakoa takes Hemispheres deep into Hawaii’s cowboy country.

  • Fragile Beauty
    Features | Apr 2009

    Fragile Beauty

    The Maldives are among the most breathtaking places on earth. They’re also among the most endangered.

  • Second Nature
    Features | Apr 2009

    Second Nature

    Once known as a roughhewn industrial center, Chicago has been reborn as the leader of America’s urban green movement.

  • All the world’s a stage
    Features | Mar 2009

    All the world’s a stage

    With the New York theater world entering a bit of a slump, theater lovers looking for a unique experience are heading off-Broadway. Way off…

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