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  • Suite Dreams
    Features | Mar 2010

    Suite Dreams

    New York City has seen more than 30 new luxury hotels open in the past year and a half. Hemispheres tests the mattresses and puts the bellhops through their paces.

  • There Won’t be Blood
    Features | Feb 2010

    There Won’t be Blood

    Revered by some and condemned by others, bullfighting is nothing if not controversial. But can a more humane, Velcro-tipped version of the sport take off? One Las Vegas promoter hopes so.

  • Ahhh…
    Features | Feb 2010


    Take a deep breath. Relax. Prepare to embark on a tour of the top spa packages in the world, including Thailand’s renowned S Medical Spa. (Sounds taxing, doesn’t it?)

  • Tech 2010
    Features | Jan 2010

    Tech 2010

    A complete rundown of all the gadgets, gizmos, applications and innovations you’ll need to know about this year.

  • The Believer
    Features | Jan 2010

    The Believer

    The lone member of Ghana’s Olympic ski team is undeterred by his home country’s balmy climate. As Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong prepares for Vancouver, can he make the rest of the world believe?

  • Girls of Summer
    Features | Dec 2009

    Girls of Summer

    Three Chicagoans vie for the very first Olympic medals for women’s boxing when the sport debuts in 2012. Do they have what it takes?

  • Crazy Tourist
    Features | Dec 2009

    Crazy Tourist

    Gabriel Orozco travels the world creating conceptual art that he hopes will disappoint viewers. Fortunately for us, it doesn’t.

  • Present Perfect!
    Features | Nov 2009

    Present Perfect!

    Forget socks and ties. We searched the globe for the most stunning and unusual gifts, and the results will please everyone on your list.

  • Hail Berry
    Features | Nov 2009

    Hail Berry

    The antioxidant-rich wonderfruit açai has surged in popularity. Can its source, the Brazilian Amazon, sustain the demand?

  • Finders Keepers
    Features | Oct 2009

    Finders Keepers

    Scientist and treasure hunter Ken Hayes is searching the murky waters separating Staten Island and New Jersey to find $26 million in lost silver. He’s not the only one.

  • Street Fighter
    Features | Oct 2009

    Street Fighter

    A French artist-provocateur known only as JR travels to the world’s most dangerous places and documents their underprivileged citizens—on canvases four stories tall.

  • The Emperor Has New Clothes
    Features | Sep 2009

    The Emperor Has New Clothes

    After conquering the Asian market, Japanese retail giant Uniqlo sets its colorful sights on the rest of the world.

  • The Watchman
    Features | Sep 2009

    The Watchman

    French watchmaker Richard Mille is bringing timepieces up to speed, creating the most complex, the lightest and the most extravagant available.

  • The Treasure Hunter
    Features | Aug 2009

    The Treasure Hunter

    Ecologist Marc Slattery says cures for just about everything can be found in the ocean — and he’s diving in to find them all.

  • The Wolfman Cometh
    Features | Aug 2009

    The Wolfman Cometh

    New Hampshire mainstay Clark’s Trading Post is one of the last surviving roadside attractions. And with its grizzled sideshow ogre set to retire, a writer hopes to take his place.

  • Rubble Rousers
    Features | Jul 2009

    Rubble Rousers

    Detroit’s getting a bright, funky face-lift thanks to a group of artists drawn to the city’s ridiculously aff ordable housing.

  • Riding With Mr. Thong
    Features | Jul 2009

    Riding With Mr. Thong

    Fifty years after Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail was hacked through the jungle, Hemispheres explores it from the seat of a motorcycle.

  • The Western Lands
    Features | Jun 2009

    The Western Lands

    A world away from Sydney, the barren Aboriginal lands of Western Australia are starting to shake off their painful past.

  • Exile on 8th Street
    Features | Jun 2009

    Exile on 8th Street

    For half a century, Cubans have kept their culture alive in Little Havana. As the U.S.- Cuba relationship thaws, what will become of this Miami neighborhood?

  • Patience Is a Virtue
    Features | May 2009

    Patience Is a Virtue

    More than 100 years in the making, Barcelona’s exquisite Sagrada Familia cathedral, the phantasmagorical masterpiece conjured up by renowned architectural madman Antoni Gaudí, may finally, almost be nearly done.

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