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  • Spy Games
    Features | Apr 2014

    Spy Games

    Writer William Wheeler joins a new breed of daring adventure tourists who are paying top dollar to be the prey in a simulated citywide manhunt

  • Second City takes Tokyo
    Features | Mar 2014

    Second City takes Tokyo

    America’s premier improv comedy school is yukking it up in Japan. Will the jokes translate?

  • Left to the Dogs
    Features | Feb 2014

    Left to the Dogs

    Detroit is teeming with packs of strays. A nonprofit picks up Animal Control’s slack.

  • Wild at Heart
    Features | Jan 2014

    Wild at Heart

    One man aims to buck the odds at the Mustang Million, where trainers transform feral horses into obedient steeds

  • Blind Ambition
    Features | Dec 2013

    Blind Ambition

    Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, is on a mission to get other would-be adventurers with disabilities to see what’s possible

  • Freedom Fighters
    Features | Nov 2013

    Freedom Fighters

    In prisons across Thailand, Muay Thai boxing is giving inmates a shot at early release and putting them on the road to redemption

  • A Day at the Races
    Features | Oct 2013

    A Day at the Races

    A British dandy descends into the heart of NASCAR, America’s number one sport

  • On the Nuclear Trail
    Features | Sep 2013

    On the Nuclear Trail

    David Sirota visits the atomic sites of the American Southwest for an inside look at a booming—and potentially radioactive—new travel industry

  • Leading Lady
    Features | Aug 2013

    Leading Lady

    Cheri Boots-Sutton is an unlikely superstar. But in the competitive, male-driven world of Texas auto auctions, this middle-aged grandmother of seven has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer Miller visits the auction house to find out why.

  • The Swing of Things
    Features | Jul 2013

    The Swing of Things

    As the guy responsible for putting Louisville Sluggers in the hands of countless major leaguers, Chuck Schupp is far more than a mere salesman—he’s also the guy who helps give pro ballplayers the means to be heroes

  • Esprit du Tour
    Features | Jun 2013

    Esprit du Tour

    Celebrating the Tour de France at 100

  • Saskaboom
    Features | May 2013


    A flood of new money is raising the fortunes of a remote Canadian metropolis—but is it also washing away the city’s pioneer spirit?

  • Lost (and Found) World
    Features | Apr 2013

    Lost (and Found) World

    Peru’s fossil-rich Ocucaje Desert presents an irresistible target for plunderers—and a sacred duty for its self-appointed guardian

  • The Butterfly Effect
    Features | Mar 2013

    The Butterfly Effect

    An unlikely alliance takes shape between locals and some majestic insects in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains

  • Good News in the Badlands
    Features | Feb 2013

    Good News in the Badlands

    How a historic accord between a South Dakota tribe and the federal government could revolutionize the way we think about national parks

  • The Thrill of the Chase
    Features | Jan 2013

    The Thrill of the Chase

    How a Santa Fe art collector’s supposed dying wish has turned into a treasure hunt that’s luring adventurers from far and wide

  • Plunder Games
    Features | Dec 2012

    Plunder Games

    The ship that Captain Morgan lost while sacking Panama City in 1671 had long been thought gone forever. Meet the man who thinks he found it.

  • Bounty Hunter
    Features | Nov 2012

    Bounty Hunter

    Meet the foraging phenom who supplies America’s greatest chefs with the finest, weirdest and occasionally weirdest produce around

  • Shock Waves
    Features | Oct 2012

    Shock Waves

    Mark Visser’s daredevil night surfing made him world-famous, but it pales in comparison with what he’s doing next

  • Kicking Up a Storm
    Features, Sports | Sep 2012

    Kicking Up a Storm

    Forget Yankees versus Red Sox. For the wildest rivalry in U.S. sports today, think Pacific Northwest. And think soccer.

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