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  • Nollywood Rising
    Features | Sep 2014

    Nollywood Rising

    With an epic movie boasting a Hollywood cast and a Hollywood-style budget, the Nigerian film industry is looking to both transcend and elevate African cinema

  • In the line of fire
    Features | Aug 2014

    In the line of fire

    The 440 smokejumpers of the U.S. Forest Service are on the front line of this summer’s wildfire season. Hemispheres caught up with one of the 23 women in those ranks.

  • The Weakest Link
    Features | Jun 2014

    The Weakest Link

    A battle rages in the bureaucratic halls of Brussels. Can the European Union protect a Slovenian sausage?

  • The French Quarter Connection
    Features | May 2014

    The French Quarter Connection

    In New Orleans, Mardi Gras is bringing African American and Jewish cultures together into one meshuggeneh gumbo

  • Spy Games
    Features | Apr 2014

    Spy Games

    Writer William Wheeler joins a new breed of daring adventure tourists who are paying top dollar to be the prey in a simulated citywide manhunt

  • Second City takes Tokyo
    Features | Mar 2014

    Second City takes Tokyo

    America’s premier improv comedy school is yukking it up in Japan. Will the jokes translate?

  • Left to the Dogs
    Features | Feb 2014

    Left to the Dogs

    Detroit is teeming with packs of strays. A nonprofit picks up Animal Control’s slack.

  • Wild at Heart
    Features | Jan 2014

    Wild at Heart

    One man aims to buck the odds at the Mustang Million, where trainers transform feral horses into obedient steeds

  • Blind Ambition
    Features | Dec 2013

    Blind Ambition

    Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, is on a mission to get other would-be adventurers with disabilities to see what’s possible

  • Freedom Fighters
    Features | Nov 2013

    Freedom Fighters

    In prisons across Thailand, Muay Thai boxing is giving inmates a shot at early release and putting them on the road to redemption

  • A Day at the Races
    Features | Oct 2013

    A Day at the Races

    A British dandy descends into the heart of NASCAR, America’s number one sport

  • On the Nuclear Trail
    Features | Sep 2013

    On the Nuclear Trail

    David Sirota visits the atomic sites of the American Southwest for an inside look at a booming—and potentially radioactive—new travel industry

  • Leading Lady
    Features | Aug 2013

    Leading Lady

    Cheri Boots-Sutton is an unlikely superstar. But in the competitive, male-driven world of Texas auto auctions, this middle-aged grandmother of seven has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer Miller visits the auction house to find out why.

  • The Swing of Things
    Features | Jul 2013

    The Swing of Things

    As the guy responsible for putting Louisville Sluggers in the hands of countless major leaguers, Chuck Schupp is far more than a mere salesman—he’s also the guy who helps give pro ballplayers the means to be heroes

  • Esprit du Tour
    Features | Jun 2013

    Esprit du Tour

    Celebrating the Tour de France at 100

  • Saskaboom
    Features | May 2013


    A flood of new money is raising the fortunes of a remote Canadian metropolis—but is it also washing away the city’s pioneer spirit?

  • Lost (and Found) World
    Features | Apr 2013

    Lost (and Found) World

    Peru’s fossil-rich Ocucaje Desert presents an irresistible target for plunderers—and a sacred duty for its self-appointed guardian

  • The Butterfly Effect
    Features | Mar 2013

    The Butterfly Effect

    An unlikely alliance takes shape between locals and some majestic insects in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains

  • Good News in the Badlands
    Features | Feb 2013

    Good News in the Badlands

    How a historic accord between a South Dakota tribe and the federal government could revolutionize the way we think about national parks

  • The Thrill of the Chase
    Features | Jan 2013

    The Thrill of the Chase

    How a Santa Fe art collector’s supposed dying wish has turned into a treasure hunt that’s luring adventurers from far and wide

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