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  • The Holy Rev
    Dispatches | Oct 2013

    The Holy Rev

    Vestments and V-twins combine in the Eternal City

  • Tweet and Sour
    Dispatches | Oct 2013

    Tweet and Sour

    The many wonderful qualities of bird’s nest soup

  • Pabst and Puccini
    Dispatches | Oct 2013

    Pabst and Puccini

    Bringing classical music to the beer-stained masses

  • Tote Gags
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    Tote Gags

    A Singaporean, an American and a Brit walk into a bar—what’s a joke that will make them all laugh?

  • The Lab Report
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    The Lab Report

    Sammy has psychological issues; Shelley is here to find out why

  • Death Becomes them
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    Death Becomes them

    An online social gathering shines light at the end of the tunnel

  • Voodoo Economics
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    Voodoo Economics

    An esteemed holy man provides a lesson in self marketing

  • The Sky’s the Limit
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    The Sky’s the Limit

    The increasingly lucrative market for thin air

  • The Governors’ Curveball
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    The Governors’ Curveball

    Politics and performance cross paths in New Jersey

  • The Truth about Cats and Dogs
    Dispatches | Sep 2013

    The Truth about Cats and Dogs

    Meet the breeds, in numbers

  • Beauty and the feast
    Dispatches | Aug 2013

    Beauty and the feast

    The first black Miss Israel meets the first black U.S. president

  • A Fine Mess
    Dispatches | Aug 2013

    A Fine Mess

    Putting a city’s half-eaten french fries to good use

  • Coming Clean
    Dispatches | Aug 2013

    Coming Clean

    Washing away karmic splotches in the murky waters of the Ganges

  • Can’t get there from here
    Dispatches | Aug 2013

    Can’t get there from here

    The (sometimes) fictional world of cartography

  • Age is but a number
    Dispatches | Aug 2013

    Age is but a number

    Understanding the mind of a teenager, stat by stat

  • Pi contest
    Dispatches | Aug 2013

    Pi contest

    Competitors do a number on a brainy weekend festival

  • The Tax Man Drummeth
    Dispatches | Jul 2013

    The Tax Man Drummeth

    BANGALORE – Swaying in the heat of downtown Bangalore, a young man named Manu gives his fellow percussionists a look. And, as surely as if he’d hollered “faster,” the tempo rises. Hunched outside a local builder’s posh mansion, Manu, Anil, Gopal and John bang their tamate drums more and more feverishly, aiming for that moment [...]

  • Fists of Funny
    Dispatches | Jul 2013

    Fists of Funny

    TAIPEI – On a muggy rooftop in central Taipei, pint-size octogenarian Lo Man-kam squares off against a former member of the South African Special Forces. Despite giving up about 50 years, a foot in height and at least 100 pounds, Lo doesn’t seem overly concerned by the physical disparity. He doesn’t need to be.As soon [...]

  • Austin on the Beltway
    Dispatches | Jul 2013

    Austin on the Beltway

    WASHINGTON D.C. – Considering its cowboy-boot décor and massive Lone Star flag made from blue jeans and red bandanas, D.C.’s Hill Country BBQ cannot be accused of subtlety. And that fact, as much as anything else, speaks to its Texas roots. The 2-year-old honky-tonk joint, which ships in Texas brands like Blue Bell ice cream and [...]

  • Flow Charts
    Dispatches | Jul 2013

    Flow Charts

    WEST VIRGINIA – Eleven judges sit in a semicircle, swirling, sniffing and sipping the contents of numbered glasses. They perform the task in silence, brows furrowed as they mull the complexities of body and bite, seeking to identify the provenance of the world’s finest tap water. “Municipal: Best in World” is just one of the categories [...]

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