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  • Time Plots
    Culture | Dec 2013

    Time Plots

    All right, Hollywood movie execs, we get it: The ’60s and ’70s were cool. The parties, the hustlers, and would you look at those outfits? This month’s slate of movies based on true stories from the hippie-disco era makes us want to hop in a time machine and set the dial to “Age of Aquarius.” Although we might pack better pants.

  • Pop Psalms
    Culture | Dec 2013

    Pop Psalms

    Like eggnog, holiday music has a tendency to divide people rather than unite them. For every lover of “Frosty the Snowman” there’s an equally ardent hater. Here, a few selections from this year’s crop, in order of their potential for controversy.

  • Crossed Words
    Culture | Dec 2013

    Crossed Words

    This month’s books

  • Tokyo Rising
    Culture | Dec 2013

    Tokyo Rising

    Despite an Oscar nomination and a couple of plum Hollywood roles, Rinko Kikuchi has the right to remain silent

  • Hot Properties
    Culture | Dec 2013

    Hot Properties

    Meet the handsome brothers adding sex appeal to television’s home improvement genre

  • Killer Tracks
    Culture | Dec 2013

    Killer Tracks

    Depravity gets the la-di-da treatment with a musical version of American Psycho

  • The End of Selling Out
    Culture | Dec 2013

    The End of Selling Out

    The career of Britart icon Tracey Emin takes an unexpected turn in Miami

  • The Mother of All Documentaries
    Culture | Nov 2013

    The Mother of All Documentaries

    Whoopi Goldberg’s directorial debut celebrates the first lady of standup comedy

  • The Month Ahead: Books
    Culture | Nov 2013

    The Month Ahead: Books

    Some select lines from Terry Pratchett’s new book, Dodger’s Guide to London

  • Love, Indefinitely
    Culture | Nov 2013

    Love, Indefinitely

    Sixteen years after Princess Diana’s death, her greatest romance lives on in Diana

  • May the Farce Be With You
    Culture | Nov 2013

    May the Farce Be With You

    Credulity goes into hyperdrive with the arrival of a real-life owner’s manual for a made-up machine

  • The Height of Fashion
    Culture | Nov 2013

    The Height of Fashion

    On the J Autumn catwalk 4,000 feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon, models have even more incentive not to trip

  • Blonde Ambition
    Culture | Nov 2013

    Blonde Ambition

    Two pop stars with fake names, overdyed locks and outsize drives for courting controversy face off this month. Who will take home the crown of scorn?

  • The Upside of Unspeakable Ideas
    Culture | Nov 2013

    The Upside of Unspeakable Ideas

    Courting controversy at the Sydney Opera House

  • A Divine Bit of Comedy
    Culture | Oct 2013

    A Divine Bit of Comedy

    Doomed, Chuck Palahniuk’s ribald sequel to Damned, seeks to reinvent Dante’s Purgatorio for teenagers. Dang

  • When Carrie Met Katy
    Culture | Oct 2013

    When Carrie Met Katy

    The uncanny similarities between two frightening females

  • Keeping It Real
    Culture | Oct 2013

    Keeping It Real

    Two movies offer up true-life stories this month: The Fifth Estate (Oct. 18), with Benedict Cumberbatch as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and Captain Phillips (Oct. 11), starring Tom Hanks as a guy whose ship is hijacked by Somali pirates. Here, we explore which film is most likely to float audiences’ boats.

  • America’s Got Morgan
    Culture | Oct 2013

    America’s Got Morgan

    Piers Morgan’s new memoir reflects on the CNN host’s American adventure

  • Grit Pics
    Culture | Oct 2013

    Grit Pics

    Photographer Tod Seelie captures New York’s wild side

  • Monsters’ Ball
    Culture | Oct 2013

    Monsters’ Ball

    Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights offer up the best haunted house ever

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