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    Three Perfect Days

  • Three Perfect Days: Amsterdam
    Jul 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Amsterdam

    This charming city is historic, modern and, perhaps most important, eminently walkable, which makes seeing its sights in three days a real pleasure.

  • Three Perfect Days: Long Island
    Jun 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Long Island

    The Hamptons, that well-known summer camp for the rich and famous, are bordered by windswept beaches, rustic fishing piers and a plethora of artisanal eateries. Hard to believe they’re less than 100 miles from Manhattan.

  • Three Perfect Days: Seoul
    May 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Seoul

    North of the Han River lies a staid residential city; to the south, a modern, trendy destination. We sample the best of both worlds.

  • Three Perfect Days: Geneva
    Apr 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Geneva

    Known for its timepieces, its banking and the United Nations, this elegant city has a surprisingly smalltown feel.

  • Three Perfect Days: Austin
    Mar 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Austin

    The Texas capital boasts more live music per capita than any other U.S. city, as well as some of the best barbecue brisket in the world and a hefty dose of weirdness.

  • Three Perfect Days: Montreal
    Feb 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Montreal

    Once a remote fur-trading post, Montreal is now a thriving modern city brimming with Old World charm.

  • Three Perfect Days: Sonoma
    Jan 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Sonoma

    Napa’s rugged little sister in Northern California is quickly becoming the next big thing, thanks to a laid-back attitude and a thriving foodie scene. Oh, and the wine’s pretty good, too.

  • Three Perfect Days: Riviera Maya
    Dec 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Riviera Maya

    With pristine beaches, outdoor adventure and a splash of ancient history, it’s no wonder this area became a hit with tourists. Now that tourism has slowed, it’s the perfect time to pay a visit.

  • Three Perfect Days: New Orleans
    Nov 2009

    Three Perfect Days: New Orleans

    Reborn after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still a city with amazing food and music, quirky shops and bars, beautiful architecture and a true sense of history.

  • Three Perfect Days: Budapest
    Sep 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Budapest

    For centuries a tumultuous crossroads of art,
 architecture, invasion and rebellion, the bohemian capital of Hungary
 has finally found serenity. But it’s still got a maverick soul.

  • Three Perfect Days: Victoria, B.C.
    Aug 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Victoria, B.C.

    With a hint of Victorian refinement, a strong Native American flavor and a scenic mountain range, the City of Gardens has all the ingredients of a tourist haven—but don’t worry, it’s not one yet.

  • Three Perfect Days: Sydney
    Jul 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Sydney

    In the other city by the bay, surfers, scenesters and highbrow culture mavens all stay happily occupied. Sydneysiders, it turns out, are all of the above.

  • Three Perfect Days: San Diego
    Jun 2009

    Three Perfect Days: San Diego

    This sunny surf town offers 1920s Americana, sophisticated nightspots and laid-back California cool. Oh, and there’s a little zoo you might want to check out.

  • Three Perfect Days: Moscow
    May 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Moscow

    By day, Moscow is a city of historic cathedrals, vibrant squares and imposing statues. By night, it’s a bling-filled circus maximus of designer-clad clubbers lining up to get into exclusive venues featuring acrobats, synchronized swimmers and other attractions.

  • Three Perfect Days: Washington DC
    Mar 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Washington DC

    No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, it’s hard to deny that excitement has gripped Washington, D.C. As the locals well know, a changeover of administration always brings a new electricity to what is, after all a “company town,” and the city always seems to puts on its best face to welcome the newcomers and to send off the old guard.

  • Three Perfect Days: Singapore
    Feb 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Singapore

    Cautiously, cleverly, Singapore is shrugging off the stodgy mantle it’s worn for decades and morphing into a cool, even chic, place to live it up in Asia

  • Three Perfect Days: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Jan 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Don your darkest shades and prepare to be dazzled by Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Three Perfect Days: Melbourne, Australia
    Nov 2008

    Three Perfect Days: Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne has a reputation as a buttoned-down town, but arrive on the first Tuesday in November and you might think you’ve stumbled into the Mad Hatter’s tea party

  • Three Perfect Days: Oahu, Hawaii
    Oct 2008

    Three Perfect Days: Oahu, Hawaii

    Islands are like friends. They come into your life just when you need them. Each is different, offering different gifts. Meet O‘ahu, the friend that goes dancing, is sophisticated and urbane, yet dresses up in gaudy tangerine sunsets accessorized with coconut palms and rainbows

  • Three Perfect Days: Glacier National Park
    Sep 2008

    Three Perfect Days: Glacier National Park

    For eons, ice blanketed all but the highest summits of what is now Glacier National Park in Montana. Under writhing ice floes, mountains took shape. Glaciers gnawed gaping valleys, etched rocks, piled up long ridges of rubble, and left large turquoise-blue lakes on the landscape

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