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    Three Perfect Days

  • Three Perfect Days: Ho Chi Minh City
    Nov 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Ho Chi Minh City

    The once-embattled Vietnamese city has a fast pace and vibrancy few cities can match

  • Three Perfect Days: Paris
    Sep 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Paris

    To make the most of the City of Light, linger over your meals and put on your walking shoes.

  • Three Perfect Days: Denver
    Aug 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Denver

    Long the gateway to the Wild West, the Mile High City maintains a freewheeling, outdoorsy spirit.

  • Three Perfect Days: Amsterdam
    Jul 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Amsterdam

    This charming city is historic, modern and, perhaps most important, eminently walkable, which makes seeing its sights in three days a real pleasure.

  • Three Perfect Days: Long Island
    Jun 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Long Island

    The Hamptons, that well-known summer camp for the rich and famous, are bordered by windswept beaches, rustic fishing piers and a plethora of artisanal eateries. Hard to believe they’re less than 100 miles from Manhattan.

  • Three Perfect Days: Seoul
    May 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Seoul

    North of the Han River lies a staid residential city; to the south, a modern, trendy destination. We sample the best of both worlds.

  • Three Perfect Days: Geneva
    Apr 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Geneva

    Known for its timepieces, its banking and the United Nations, this elegant city has a surprisingly smalltown feel.

  • Three Perfect Days: Austin
    Mar 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Austin

    The Texas capital boasts more live music per capita than any other U.S. city, as well as some of the best barbecue brisket in the world and a hefty dose of weirdness.

  • Three Perfect Days: Montreal
    Feb 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Montreal

    Once a remote fur-trading post, Montreal is now a thriving modern city brimming with Old World charm.

  • Three Perfect Days: Sonoma
    Jan 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Sonoma

    Napa’s rugged little sister in Northern California is quickly becoming the next big thing, thanks to a laid-back attitude and a thriving foodie scene. Oh, and the wine’s pretty good, too.

  • Three Perfect Days: Riviera Maya
    Dec 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Riviera Maya

    With pristine beaches, outdoor adventure and a splash of ancient history, it’s no wonder this area became a hit with tourists. Now that tourism has slowed, it’s the perfect time to pay a visit.

  • Three Perfect Days: New Orleans
    Nov 2009

    Three Perfect Days: New Orleans

    Reborn after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still a city with amazing food and music, quirky shops and bars, beautiful architecture and a true sense of history.

  • Three Perfect Days: Budapest
    Sep 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Budapest

    For centuries a tumultuous crossroads of art,
 architecture, invasion and rebellion, the bohemian capital of Hungary
 has finally found serenity. But it’s still got a maverick soul.

  • Three Perfect Days: Victoria, B.C.
    Aug 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Victoria, B.C.

    With a hint of Victorian refinement, a strong Native American flavor and a scenic mountain range, the City of Gardens has all the ingredients of a tourist haven—but don’t worry, it’s not one yet.

  • Three Perfect Days: Sydney
    Jul 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Sydney

    In the other city by the bay, surfers, scenesters and highbrow culture mavens all stay happily occupied. Sydneysiders, it turns out, are all of the above.

  • Three Perfect Days: San Diego
    Jun 2009

    Three Perfect Days: San Diego

    This sunny surf town offers 1920s Americana, sophisticated nightspots and laid-back California cool. Oh, and there’s a little zoo you might want to check out.

  • Three Perfect Days: Moscow
    May 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Moscow

    By day, Moscow is a city of historic cathedrals, vibrant squares and imposing statues. By night, it’s a bling-filled circus maximus of designer-clad clubbers lining up to get into exclusive venues featuring acrobats, synchronized swimmers and other attractions.

  • Three Perfect Days: Washington DC
    Mar 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Washington DC

    No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, it’s hard to deny that excitement has gripped Washington, D.C. As the locals well know, a changeover of administration always brings a new electricity to what is, after all a “company town,” and the city always seems to puts on its best face to welcome the newcomers and to send off the old guard.

  • Three Perfect Days: Singapore
    Feb 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Singapore

    Cautiously, cleverly, Singapore is shrugging off the stodgy mantle it’s worn for decades and morphing into a cool, even chic, place to live it up in Asia

  • Three Perfect Days: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Jan 2009

    Three Perfect Days: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Don your darkest shades and prepare to be dazzled by Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

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