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    Three Perfect Days

  • Three Perfect Days: Mexico City
    Nov 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Mexico City

    From the leafy streets of Polanco to the bohemian haunts of Roma, we take you through the best of one of the world’s biggest and most vibrant cities.

  • Three Perfect Days: New York City
    Oct 2011

    Three Perfect Days: New York City

    With new attractions popping up daily, this towering city is in a state of constant flux. But there’s one thing that never changes: From the ground, there is absolutely no place like it.

  • Three Perfect Days: Barcelona
    Sep 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Barcelona

    It’s hard to say what’s more inspired: the dynamic architecture, the flavorful cuisine or the profoundly passionate locals. Any way you look at it, the capital of Catalonia knows how to bring the heat.

  • Three Perfect Days: Stockholm
    Aug 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Stockholm

    With its postcard-worthy scenery, distinctive architecture and growing foodie scene, the Swedish city’s unofficial title, “The Capital of Scandinavia,” is completely justified.

  • Three Perfect Days: Dublin
    Jul 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Dublin

    The Irish capital evokes images of cobblestone streets, rowdy pubs and pints of Guinness. Visitors will find all of that alongside Michelin-starred restaurants, immaculate parks and a warm and welcoming local population

  • Three Perfect Days: Chicago
    Jun 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Chicago

    Long known for its Midwestern friendliness, the Windy City offers world-class food, architecture and art, as well as some of the best urban green space this side of just about anywhere.

  • Three Perfect Days: Rome
    May 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Rome

    Many a Roman holiday has been spoiled by overly grand ambitions. To get the most out of the Eternal City, take your time, and let yourself get lost in its labyrinth of beautiful streets and alleyways. And remember, no cappuccino after noon.

  • Three Perfect Days: San Francisco
    Apr 2011

    Three Perfect Days: San Francisco

    Home to tech mavens, foodies, counterculture types and newcomers from all over the globe, America’s hilly, fog-shrouded Golden Gate is a city unlike any other.

  • Three Perfect Days: Mexico
    Mar 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Mexico

    Along this captivating stretch of Pacific coast, where the jungle meets the sea, a global village of surfers, cowboys, expats and celebrities gather in a laidback paradise.

  • Three Perfect Days: Hong Kong
    Feb 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Hong Kong

    The Gateway to the East is a harbor town that glitters with the lights of international business. But to really understand Hong Kong, you have to meet it halfway.

  • Three Perfect Days: Las Vegas
    Jan 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Las Vegas

    The desert oasis makes a run for the title of “City that Never Sleeps.”

  • Three Perfect Days: São Paulo
    Dec 2010

    Three Perfect Days: São Paulo

    The biggest city in South America is both cosmopolitan and surprisingly intimate.

  • Three Perfect Days: Ho Chi Minh City
    Nov 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Ho Chi Minh City

    The once-embattled Vietnamese city has a fast pace and vibrancy few cities can match

  • Three Perfect Days: Paris
    Sep 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Paris

    To make the most of the City of Light, linger over your meals and put on your walking shoes.

  • Three Perfect Days: Denver
    Aug 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Denver

    Long the gateway to the Wild West, the Mile High City maintains a freewheeling, outdoorsy spirit.

  • Three Perfect Days: Amsterdam
    Jul 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Amsterdam

    This charming city is historic, modern and, perhaps most important, eminently walkable, which makes seeing its sights in three days a real pleasure.

  • Three Perfect Days: Long Island
    Jun 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Long Island

    The Hamptons, that well-known summer camp for the rich and famous, are bordered by windswept beaches, rustic fishing piers and a plethora of artisanal eateries. Hard to believe they’re less than 100 miles from Manhattan.

  • Three Perfect Days: Seoul
    May 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Seoul

    North of the Han River lies a staid residential city; to the south, a modern, trendy destination. We sample the best of both worlds.

  • Three Perfect Days: Geneva
    Apr 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Geneva

    Known for its timepieces, its banking and the United Nations, this elegant city has a surprisingly smalltown feel.

  • Three Perfect Days: Austin
    Mar 2010

    Three Perfect Days: Austin

    The Texas capital boasts more live music per capita than any other U.S. city, as well as some of the best barbecue brisket in the world and a hefty dose of weirdness.

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