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    Three Perfect Days

  • Three Perfect Days: Palau
    Jul 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Palau

    As the world increasingly retreats into an echo chamber of car horns and email alerts, it’s nice to know that somewhere in the middle of the Pacific there’s a whole nation of smiling, slightly salt-frosted people deftly navigating speedboats around idyllic islands, pausing to lop the tops off of coconuts or admire a well-formed brain coral.

  • Three Perfect Days: Shanghai
    Jun 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Shanghai

    Shanghai is a 21st-century boomtown, a glittering, nonstop celebration of economic success. Yet there are hidden pockets of the city’s former life here, made all the more precious by the neon glare around them.

  • Three Perfect Days: Stuttgart
    May 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Stuttgart

    This German auto hub offers gearhead thrills alongside lush green spaces, hearty food and cultural surprises

  • Three Perfect Days: Manila
    Apr 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Manila

    To discover the heady charms of the sultry Philippine capital, you’ll need to navigate the chaos of mototaxi rides and a relentless nightlife scene—and eat a lot of garlic rice

  • Three Perfect Days: Kelowna, B.C.
    Mar 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Kelowna, B.C.

    This charming lake town in Canada’s Okanagan Valley is that rare outdoor-sports haven that doesn’t skimp on more sedentary pleasures

  • Three Perfect Days: Belize
    Feb 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Belize

    A paradise for snorkelers and beach bums, this tiny Central American country has even more to offer those who venture off the beaten path

  • Three Perfect Days: Doha
    Jan 2013

    Three Perfect Days: Doha

    Putting both wealth and vision to work, the capital of Qatar has risen from desert backwater to sophisticated hot spot for global tourism

  • Three Perfect Days: Trinidad and Tobago
    Dec 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Trinidad and Tobago

    This Caribbean nation proudly celebrated 50 years of independence in 2012—but with its sublime landscapes, sensational food, riotously fun nightlife and vibrant culture drawing a new generation of appreciative visitors, the best is yet to come

  • Three Perfect Days: Tel Aviv
    Nov 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Tel Aviv

    Jerusalem may have the gravitas, but Tel Aviv—home to progressive art, ambitious cuisine and a rip-roaring nightlife scene—has the fun

  • Three Perfect Days: Tokyo
    Oct 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Tokyo

    Japan’s capital is a place of unfathomable size, endless variety and constant movement, but just below the surface of this futuristic megalopolis is a surprising and delightful sense of calm

  • Three Perfect Days: Istanbul
    Sep 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Istanbul

    Follow in the footsteps of sultans in Turkey’s vibrant port city

  • Three Perfect Days: Seattle
    Aug 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Seattle

    With its seamless blend of shrewd commerce, uncompromising luxury and countercultural abandon, all set against a dramatic mountain backdrop, Washington’s capital of cool is a study in complementary contrasts

  • Three Perfect Days: London
    Jul 2012

    Three Perfect Days: London

    It is one of the biggest, most interesting and most happening cities on earth. And with the Olympic Games returning, now’s the ideal time to rediscover London in all its polish, pomp, grit and glory.

  • Three Perfect Days: Quito
    Jun 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Quito

    A place of deep history and staggering views, one of UNESCO’s first World Heritage cities has been flying under travelers’ radar for a long time. But thanks to a growing economy and a renewed focus on preservation and development, that’s about to change.

  • Three Perfect Days: Lisbon
    May 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Lisbon

    Once the center of a mighty empire, the Portuguese capital was nearly wiped out in the 18th century, only to rise again and establish itself as one of Europe’s most beguiling cities, rich in beauty, grace and melancholy

  • Three Perfect Days: Houston
    Apr 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Houston

    The largest city in the Lone Star State imbues its flourishing fine-arts institutions, adventurous restaurants, lush parks and friendly bars and cafés with the same independent Texas spirit that first put it on the map.

  • Three Perfect Days: Delhi
    Mar 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Delhi

    With the legendary Taj Mahal practically at its doorstep, India’s capital has established itself as a true 21st-century metropolis — all without neglecting the vibrant history, culture and cuisine that have long made it one of the world’s most enthralling destinations.

  • Three Perfect Days: U.S. Virgin Islands
    Feb 2012

    Three Perfect Days: U.S. Virgin Islands

    Sparkling turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches have long drawn travelers to these islands, but it’s the friendly locals and unexpected adventures that keep so many coming back.

  • Three Perfect Days: Buenos Aires
    Jan 2012

    Three Perfect Days: Buenos Aires

    Having broken free from decades of political upheaval, Argentina’s capital is today a thriving metropolis marked by a confident, eclectic mix of influences, extending to everything from food and nightlife to art and design. The result is a city that is both wholly South American and absolutely unlike any other.

  • Three Perfect Days: Hawaii
    Dec 2011

    Three Perfect Days: Hawaii

    With its imposing volcanoes and impossibly lush scenery, the Hawaiian Islands’ headliner has appropriately outsize appeal. (Just don’t call it the Big Island.)

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