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Parole Denied

“Orange Is the New Black” fans are happy Laura Prepon is still behind bars

Author Jacqueline Detwiler

Jill Greenberg for Netflix

Jill Greenberg for Netflix

If the new binge-watching style of internet television is an empire to be conquered, “Orange Is the New Black” is a diamond in Netflix’s crown. Along with the U.S. version of “House of Cards,” it’s been both critically acclaimed and beloved by fans—in no small part due to its cast of dynamic characters. That’s why audiences were devastated to hear that the show’s drug kingpin femme fatale, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), might not return for the second season.

When producers announced in March that the character would, in fact, appear in the second season, you could almost hear the sigh of relief echo from popcorn-strewn bedrooms across the country. As Prepon explains it, the problem came down to a scheduling conflict, which has been resolved.

Then again, the actress might also have relented so that she could go to the wrap party. This year’s, which was roller skating–themed, looked like such a good time that celebrity magazines plastered photos of it all over the internet. “Laverne Cox [who plays prison beautician Burset] won best outfit and roller skater in my book,” says Prepon. “At work before the party she told me she was going to wear her fishnets and a leotard, which she did. It was amazing.” — (June 6)

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