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The Winner’s Cup

Author Mary Ryan


Making a commitment to the environment means managing fuel and other large areas of environmental impact, and also seeing to little details, such as waste, like polystyrene cups for hot drinks. That’s why United made a small change that we anticipate will make a big difference: We introduced a new, eco-friendly hot-beverage cup at our United Clubs and onboard our flights over the past two months.

Washington state–based company MicroGREEN™ manufactures our new InCycle® cup, up to 50 percent of which is made of materials from recycled plastic water bottles. The cup itself is also recyclable, which helps make our flight attendants’ jobs a bit easier as they collect recyclables in the cabin. It’s also insulated, so your hot beverages will actually stay hot, and you won’t need a sleeve, which further reduces waste.

At United, we take our commitment to the environment seriously. Last year, we were named Eco Aviation Airline of the Year by Air Transport World. We are constantly looking for ways to live up to that title by improving the sustainability of our products and services, while at the same time reducing our waste. Since 2006, United has recycled more than 23.5 million pounds of paper, plastic and aluminum on board our aircraft and in our facilities. The InCycle® cup is not only aligned with our Eco-Skies® commitment to the environment, it is another way customers can feel good about flying our friendly skies.
For more information on the Eco-Skies® program, visit www.united.com/eco-skies.

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