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This Month’s Hottest Hotels


Philipp Engel

Philipp Engel


BACKSTORY: Four Seasons, one of many luxury brands eager to tap into the increasingly sophisticated and demanding Chinese hospitality market, opened the doors of its latest Middle Kingdom enterprise last year. Much of this high-tech, extravagantly appointed property looks and feels like a movie about the distant future—albeit a distant future featuring pillow menus.

DESIGN NOTES: The 266 high-end contemporary rooms and suites are perfectly suited to a town intent on out-Dubai-ing Dubai. Renowned architectural firm Urbanus is responsible for the digital-device-like exterior, while HBA/Hirsch Bedner & Associates have conjured up a sparkling interior, a highlight of which is the sixth-level reception, which looks down on a patchwork of cement, greenery and water features. It’s much like what you’d expect to see in a hotel on Mars.

HOT DISH: FOO restaurant—conceived by Spin Design Studio, the bright talents behind Michelin two-star French restaurant Caprice at Four Seasons Hong Kong—comes up big with a modern twist on the continent-wide obsession with the pan-Asian menu. An absurdly decadent dessert bar is a good way to top off both the meal and your stomach.

SIGNATURE DRINK: The stunning terraces at Hip Yi Bar & Lounge serve up fine views of one of China’s fastest-growing cities. Behind the bar, meanwhile, a team of dexterous mixologists serves up potent Prohibition-era cocktails, including such fan favorites as Oolong Tea Martinis and leg-kicking Moscow Mules.


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