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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

Courtesy of The Cosmopolitan

Courtesy of The Cosmopolitan

Las Vegas

ROOM WITH A VIEW: Most of The Cosmopolitan’s north-facing rooms offer premium views of the adjacent Bellagio’s regular water shows, but the best spot is undoubtedly the three-story Bungalow Suite, which includes a poolside terrace at Marquee pool and “Dayclub,” plus a private bar and hot tub. Be careful not to spill wine on yourself when the dancing plumes start up: Those water jets are loud.

HOT DISH: Jaleo is one of much-lauded Spanish chef José Andrés’ signature eateries—it even contains a hidden exclusive chef’s bar called “e.” The restaurant’s best dish, however, doesn’t require a reservation three months in advance. On Sundays, it roasts an entire pig and serves the best bits (snout, ribs, trotters) to diners with honey mustard and chimichurri sauces and garlicky tomato bread.

BEST PLACE TO HANG OUT: Hanging out is the second most popular activity in Vegas (the first, of course, is spending money). There are plenty of places to do both in the hotel’s crystal-bedecked interior, but when the sun starts blazing, the Dayclub at Marquee is as good a place as any to settle back, plop your credit card down for a bottle of champagne or two and recover from your earlier expenditures.

WHAT’S NEW: The Cosmopolitan’s latest nightlife venue, the 40,000-square-foot, avant-garde Chelsea theater, had sat empty since the resort’s opening in 2010. The room finally started doing business in December, allowing guests to experience its vintage lobby bar, private VIP boxes, decorative grand staircase and a concert from pompadoured troubadour Bruno Mars.


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