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Perfect Attendance Pays Off

Whether it’s in the classroom or the workplace, showing up every day has its rewards.

Author Luke Punzenberger


In school, devoted students who never miss a day of class may be recognized with a certificate of achievement. Here at United Airlines, dependable employees who never miss a day of work can earn a certificate as well, with one big difference: This certificate is the title to a new Ford vehicle.

Since 1996, we have awarded new cars to nearly 200 employees for their stellar workplace attendance. Through United’s Perfect Attendance program, nearly all full- and part-time employees who show up for work on time every day during a set six-month period may enter their names in a drawing for a new Ford Escape, Explorer, Focus or Mustang.

Last year, 11 drawing winners each received the keys to a new Ford from Jeff Smisek, United chairman, president and CEO.

Why such a generous gift? Because perfect attendance is tough!

“Coming to work on time day after day is no easy task,” says Donna Towle, vice president for employee relations at United. “But that’s the level of dedication it takes to deliver a reliable, flyer-friendly experience for our customers. Fortunately, we have some of the best employees in the business, and this program is one way we recognize their commitment.”

This month, several new 2014 Fords are on display at United hubs across the country. But don’t get too attached to those sleek curves and that new car smell. These perfect-looking Fords are waiting for a few lucky United employees with perfect attendance.

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