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Gold rush

While the rest of us hibernate, these 11 American Olympians are braving the ice and snow in pursuit of a medal at the Sochi Games. They took a breather to talk to Hemispheres.

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Sasha Nialla

Louie Vito, 25, Snowboarding/Halfpipe

LOUIE_VITO30 _EDITWhat do you think you’ll do after your Olympic career is over?
I’ll probably do something in communications or marketing, ’cause I enjoy both of those. My dad owns a radio station, so I’ve always been into communications. I don’t get nervous in front of cameras or anything like that. Still photos are a little different, because then it can get awkward, but interviews are not hard for me.

You smell good. Is that one of your sponsors?
It’s Chanel. [laughs]

And you’ve got a lot of bling, too.
I love jewelry. It’s something that I buy about once a year, as, like, a little treat for myself—a little reminder that if you keep doing well, you keep getting to buy diamonds.

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