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This Month’s Hottest Hotels



WHAT YOU’LL FIND JUST OUTSIDE: Descend a set of winding cliffside steps and you’ll find a private pink (yes, pink) sand beach nestled in a rocky cove. Just off the beach is crystal-clear water teeming with Technicolor coral and psychedelic fish. For the daring, there’s a stairway carved out of the rocks on the water’s edge, at the top of which you’ll find a makeshift diving platform.
BEST PLACE TO HANG OUT:  The clifftop infinity pool here boasts fine views of Bermuda’s south shore, and so as not to interrupt your sea gazing, staff will deliver a rum cocktail to your wallowing spot. In the afternoons, they offer a complimentary tea service, which can be enjoyed on one of the sunbeds. In fact, theoretically, you need never leave the pool area at all.

IDEAL GUEST: An adventurer who likes to be pampered. At the beachside Coconuts restaurant, you can munch on local rockfish with coconut-lemongrass sauce while gazing out at the spot where you just enjoyed a bracing dive. After a breeze around the island on a scooter, you can hit La Serena spa for a warm bamboo massage. Or you can simply loll around the pool thinking about such activities.
ROOM WITH A VIEW: All of the Reefs’ 62 guest rooms have private balconies or patios and cocktail cabinets stocked with everything you’ll need to make that ocean sunset a little more magical than nature can manage on its own. In fact, even without the aid of a Dark and Stormy, you’ll need to remind yourself occasionally that you’re not, in fact, looking at a poster on the wall of a travel agency. 


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