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The End of Selling Out

The career of Britart icon Tracey Emin takes an unexpected turn in Miami


Miami is getting a double dose of Tracey Emin this month. Starting December 4, the edgier-than-thou Britart icon displays her neon work in “Tracey Emin: Angel Without You” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. Her creations are also on show—and for sale—at the Fontainebleau Hotel during Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens a day later. This is where things start to get weird. Emin might have made art world waves in the past by exhibiting an unmade bed and a tent filled with the names of former lovers, but surely nobody expected her to go full corporate. In Miami, she’s flogging “luxurious artist edition double-size beach towels” (pictured) for $95 apiece, as well as pairs of artist edition flip-flops ($40), which are said to leave an imprint of her famous work “I Kiss You” in the sand. The Damien Hirst “happy meal,” surely, cannot be far behind.

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