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An Electrifying Makeover

What’s new at United

Author Jennifer A. Baker


If you like a bit of tech in your travels, you may have noticed that our digital channels have a completely new look and interactive experience, with our simplified airport check-in kiosks and a comprehensive mobile app update for Apple iOS 7 devices. With the updated kiosk screens and the new app, the way you access your travel information is more user-friendly, relevant and intuitive.

Throughout the app design process, we used feedback from customers like you, along with employee input, to improve features such as booking, flight status confirmation, check-in and account information. For example, the United “travel cards” shortcuts let you pin boarding passes, flight notifications, your MileagePlus card and other important information to the app’s home screen, making them accessible at any time. Also, the upgraded “wallet”—at the top right corner of the home screen—and MileagePlus features take you to a comprehensive view of your interactions with United.

Look for these updates soon to our Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8 apps as well.

And, coming soon to a computer or tablet near you, perhaps even to one sitting on your tray table, you’ll start to see a new united.com and new tools rolling out. Whether you’re buying a ticket, checking in or accessing travel information on the go, you’ll find new tools to make every aspect of your experience more flyer-friendly.

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