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This Month’s Hottest Hotels


Guayaquil, Ecuador

DESIGN NOTES: Unlike many modern boutique hotels, this one does not aim for distressed surfaces and somber paint jobs. Pale wood and bright fabrics combine with plentiful natural light to give the place an airy feel. The minimalism takes a rest at Le Gourmet, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, which looks like Louis XIV’s breakfast nook.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND JUST OUTSIDE: A leisurely stroll toward the Guayas River takes you to Malecón 2000. This waterfront promenade has lush public gardens, an upscale shopping center, cafés serving shrimp ceviche and towering monuments commemorating bygone leaders.

ROOM WITH A VIEW: The recently renovated eighth-floor club suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Ecuador’s largest city and the rolling residential hills that surround it. There’s also a picture window conveniently located over the rooms’ whirlpool tub.
HOT PLATE: Splurge on executive chef Antonio Perez’s latest creations at award-winning Le Gourmet, where succulent duck and tender lobster risotto are expertly paired with local wines. Like the food, the dining room has a French flavor with ornate trompe l’œil murals and sparkling chandeliers.
BEST PLACE TO HANG OUT: Every evening in the lobby a talented piano player tickles the ivories on a shiny baby grand. Don’t be surprised to encounter couples dancing an Argentine waltz as if no one were watching.


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