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The Ski Poll

Hitting the slopes this season? Take some tips from those in the know

Must-have bits and bobs

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SkiA Sweetspot Trainer
“Balance is the key to skiing, and this device helps you master it. You strap a variety of balance blocks to the bottom of your ski boots and then practice indoors. There are four blocks, ranging from novice to expert, and it will make you a better skier. Like all good inventions, it was developed in a garage.”


Epic Pass
“This gizmo allows me to track my day on the slopes, tally up the vertical feet and distances I’ve skied, collect pins and share my photos. It’s connected to social media, so I can brag about it all. Oh, and it allows me to ride the lifts at all the Vail resorts, plus spots in California, Switzerland, Austria and France.”


The WipeOut
“It’s a trail map, goggle cleaner, screen wipe and, in a pinch, handkerchief. This handy cloth map was developed in 2009 and is now produced for more than 100 resorts in Europe. In a blizzard, it’s a much better option than an app.”

James Cove, editor of the ski news and information website planetski.eu

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