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The Ski Poll

Hitting the slopes this season? Take some tips from those in the know


Best Way To Prove You Really Did “Huck” That Cliff

“The BULT helmet has an HD camera built into the front of it. It’s super-simple to use and takes great footage. At the end of the day, you plug your helmet into your computer, as funny as that sounds, and upload it all. The helmet doesn’t weigh much, either, so you tend to forget it’s even there. And when you’re through pulling stunts on the slopes, you can use your helmet cam to record a bunch of  other relaxing activities—like jumping out of a plane.”

Trevor Jacob, national snowboardcross champion and Olympic hopeful

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© Dave Gluns/Whitewater Ski Resort


Best culinary trip around the world

“Whitewater Ski Resort—near my home in Nelson, British Columbia—has a great place called the Fresh Tracks Cafe. The chef who used to run it, Shelley Adams, came out with all these cookbooks of meals she’d serve there, things like Greek lamb burgers and Asian-style risottos. She’s no longer there, but the tradition remains, with Moroccan food, soul food, Thai food. It’s all so good, a Fresh Tracks Café Express food truck stays open in town in the summer, when the ski area’s closed.”

Matt Scholl, professional ski photographer

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© Thad Bookman


Best Place to Get Snowed In

“Alta Ski Resort in Utah is famous for its bluebird powder days and some of the deepest, driest snow on earth. Head straight for a run called High Rustler, or as the locals say, ‘High Boy.’ This Alta classic is a long, steep, north-facing run. If you’re lucky and it has really snowed a lot, the road through the canyon up to the ski area will shut down after you’re already up the mountain and no one else can drive up. That means you’ll find yourself having a ‘country club’ day with the mountain all to yourself.”

Sierra Quitiquit, professional big mountain skier who appears in the ski movie Valhalla

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