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The Ski Poll

Hitting the slopes this season? Take some tips from those in the know

Tips for top-to-toe toastiness


Head: “Most sensible folks will be wearing a helmet—go for something with good venting, such as the Giro Nine.10 (giro.com). I’m not sensible and rarely wear a helmet other than when tree skiing, so I have a thick or thin beanie depending on how cold it is. The brighter the better—you’re on holiday, after all.”


Torso: “Layering is key here. A warm base layer such as Norrona’s vibrantly colored Narvik Sweater (norrona.com) with one or two thicker fleece mid-layers like Patagonia’s Piton Pullover (patagonia.com) can be topped off with a lightweight shell like an Arc’teryx Caden Jacket, specifically designed to combine layers with ease of movement (arcteryx.com).”


Bottom: “Again, layering is vital. First, you’ll need a comfy pair of thermal long johns (try Norrona’s Narvik tights), followed by a good pair of ski pants. Check out Flylow Compound Pants (flylowgear.com).”

Toby Savage

Feet: “One of your most important purchases is a good pair of socks, since cold feet = miserable day. Go for natural fabrics, such as Merino wool, which will allow your feet to breathe, as well as keep them warm. Check out the Bridgedale MerinoFusion Winter Sport range (bridgedale.com).”

Alf Alderson, adventure sports equipment reviewer based in the French Alps

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