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Monsters’ Ball

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights offer up the best haunted house ever


There are few entities better suited to constructing haunted houses than film production companies. Imagine: actual sets populated by ghouls in full studio get-up—the integrated terror of a complete world as seen on screen, with literal Jasons and Freddies and Leatherfaces breathing down your collar. Now imagine that, but with the zombies from “The Walking Dead.”

In the same month that AMC’s hit show returns for its 4th season, Universal Studios will allow lucky visitors to its Orlando and Hollywood parks to experience the fun of being surrounded by flesh-eating zombies. In both parks, the setup will include a haunted maze set in the fictional West Georgia Correctional Facility, with sections of the Orlando park modeled on Hershel’s barn and the city of Atlanta.

“The moment you pass through our gate,” says Michael Aiello, a Universal Orlando creative development director, “you become a survivor fighting for your life.” Lovely.

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