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Bit Parts

The benefits of having the loveliest hands in Hollywood

Author Craig Stephens

LOS ANGELES – On a street in downtown Los Angeles, a woman walks up to a door, takes the handle, then stops. Seconds later, she is replaced by another woman, who duly pulls the door open.


Becka Black, a 31-year-old musician and aspiring actress, has beautiful hands. This is why she’s here today, opening a door. She can also press elevator buttons, hold ballpoint pens and attempt to claw her way out of a box.

“I had to get into a dark chest, the camera on my fingernails as they scratched the sides,” she says of a recent television role. “In another scene, I wore fake blood on my hands while trapped in the back of a cab.”

Black’s work as a hand double won’t win her any awards, but it’ll tide her over until meatier roles arrive. “I’m hoping for big things,” she says, watching as the leading lady walks through the open door.

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