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Voodoo Economics

An esteemed holy man provides a lesson in self marketing

Author James Michael Dorsey

BENIN –  Namari Godogo, a voodoo priest in the remote West African village of Taneka Koko, is said by locals to have the power of flight. Today, wearing animal skins and a tree-bark hat, he sits smoking a pipe in the shade of his mud hut. Through an interpreter, Godogo asks a visitor if he has ever flown. Yes, the visitor replies, in an airplane. “Did you see God from this airplane?” No. “Then what good is an airplane?” So goes he conversation. Later, following an impromptu photo op, Godogo’s wife announces that there is a $3 fee for snapshots. Upon receipt of the money, she asks if the holy man had been smoking when the picture was taken. He had. “Ah,” the wife says, running her finger down a laminated card. “Then that is  another dollar!”

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