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David Choe gives his “stamp of approval” to a Norwegian street art festival

Choe’s mural from the 2011 Nuart festival

Choe’s mural from the 2011 Nuart festival

Since 2001, the Norwegian city of Stavanger has invited artists from around the world to make their mark on its public spaces. Tagging in this year’s Nuart street art festival are up-and-comers like Faith 47 and HUSH. The marquee name, however, is Los Angeles-based David Choe (the man who famously painted the Facebook offices, was paid in shares and scored a reported $200 million as a result). Choe’s chaotic, technically brilliant work has elevated him to superstar status in art circles. So it’s no small thing that he has described Nuart as “The best street art festival in the world.” As organizer Martyn Reed puts it: “This will be David’s third visit, and for a multi-zillionaire with no shortage of invites to world events, I’d say it’s a major stamp of approval.” SEPT. 7

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