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Bee Season

Now that honey wine brewers are using craft beer techniques, mead’s cup runneth over

Author Leah Koenig

A glass of liquid gold at Brothers Drake

A glass of liquid gold at Brothers Drake

Despite the hokey Renaissance Faire stereotypes, the ancient honey wine known as mead is fast becoming the next darling of artisanal whistle wetting, thanks to brewers employing cross-genre techniques like dry hopping, barrel aging and herbal infusions (think lavender, green tea and black walnut) to cut the sweetness and add interesting flavors. Like the makers of hard ciders before them, mead brewers are seeking to take a chunk out of the craft beer market. “Craft beer came first, then craft distilleries, now mead is the next frontier,” says Eric Allen, general manager of Brothers Drake, an urban meadery and cocktail bar in Columbus, Ohio. Here, he mixes the honey wine with bourbon to add a little sting.

Courtland Cocktail

›  3 ounces Brothers Drake Apple Pie mead
›  1 ounce OYO Whiskey

1.    Build in glass and swirl to blend. Add one ice cube if desired.

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