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Walking the Runway

Author Gail Polzin


You may have noticed something a little different about customer service representative Alex Cedeno (Voices) and his co-workers—they’re wearing new uniforms.

Since June, tens of thousands of United employees have been sporting a whole new look—tailored, professional and United. If you look closely, you’ll see many of the destinations we fly on some of their scarves and neckties.
 Designing a uniform that looks good, feels good and performs well is no small feat. Throughout the design process, United employees shared their opinions, even casting votes for their dresses, scarves and ties. Then, “wear testers” made sure the uniforms held up to the bending, stretching and lifting that United people do every day.

 We trimmed here, tucked there, and ended up with a core wardrobe of blazers, trousers, shorts and skirts, along with optional sweaters, vests and dresses that give co-workers plenty of choices in what they wear to work.
 Later this year, our pilots will begin wearing new midnight blue uniforms with gold accents—including gold buttons that feature the United logo.

 These uniforms aren’t just clothing—they’re an important part of the look of thousands of aviation professionals—a modern look on a runway (and ramp, gate, counter and airplane) near you.

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