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The Month Ahead: Stat of the Art

A guide to comic books gets graphic


In the taxonomy of nerdhood, comic geeks and math dorks are not mutually exclusive. To wit: The new, deftly illustrated Super Graphic will leave nerds of every stripe satisfied. The book is a collection of infographics (like the one above, called “A Venn Diagram of Superhero Tropes”) by Tim Leong, former director of digital design at Wired. It’s brimming with superhero facts—the real locations of fictional comic cities, for instance, or what kills whom in “The Walking Dead”—as well as silly factoids. Do you know which rappers derived their monikers from comic book characters? How about why guys relate to Spiderman? (Hint: It involves a girl.)
It’s practically required reading for Comi-Con attendees—if you can fit it in your spandex unitard. AUG 1

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