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The Month Ahead: Northern Sights

This month, three Scandinavian fashion weeks tell you what to wear up there


Milan, Paris and London generally hog the limelight when it comes to European fashion festivals, but this month is all about Scandinavian design. No fewer than three Nordic fashion weeks kick off in August—in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen—and it’s not only going to be chunky knitwear, either. Here, a pocket guide.

Denmark: Copenhagen Fashion Week features regional designers, like the avant-garde Dennis Lyngsø and hippie-esque Edith & Ella, but it will also include big international names like Boss, Adidas and French Connection. AUG 7-11

Sweden: Stockholm Fashion Week showcases ready-to-wear collections, so you can stock up on cool threads for your closet. The week will also feature a fair by trendy “street & snow” outfit Boutique Fräsh. AUG 12-18

Norway: Oslo Fashion Week leans heavily towards Norwegian designers, many of whom sell ready-to-wear lines in and around their home city. Also, the shows are unusually intimate, allowing for nose-to-seam views of the new styles. AUG 12-18

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