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The Month Ahead: Lone Stars

Two takes on a famous ranger saddle up this summer


Kemosabe is back to teach us right from wrong this month. At theaters, Disney’s The Lone Ranger puts its spin on the plucky saga of truth and justice in the West. This follows the recent release from DreamWorks Classics of a copious box set of the 1950s TV show. Which will you be spending your money on?

The Lone Ranger, the movie (JULY 3)
Price: $8-$13, give or take a large popcorn
What you get: Armie Hammer’s masked-man derring-do, Johnny Depp’s face paint and wry one-liners, Helena Bonham Carter’s Southern(ish) accent, more gunfights than you can shake a six-shooter at
Enticing extras: Special effects, irony
Most similar to: Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, it’s basically Pirates of the Caribbean on dry land. Really dry land.

“The Lone Ranger,” the box set (OUT NOW)
Price: $200
What you get: All 221 episodes of the TV show, two full-length  feature films (from 1956 and 1958), an original radio broadcast, episodes from the cartoon series, a comic book, more gunfights than you can shake a six-shooter at
Enticing extra: A classic episode of “Lassie” featuring the Lone Ranger
Most similar to: A coffee table book. The box set comprises 30 DVDs slotted into a thick book in dreamy Technicolor hues that would be at home next to a TV dinner and a Slinky.

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