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Special Handling

connexSUMMER MEANS MORE VACATIONS and more families traveling—and more pets traveling along with those families. As many as 11,000 animals fly on United planes each month during summer, which is as much as 20 percent more than the rest of the year.

So, at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, United opened a new PetSafe kennel designed to provide safe, comfortable travel for animals transitioning through the airport … and just in time for summer 2013.Located inside the airline’s new cargo facility, the kennel boasts 28 individual enclosures that are ventilated and temperature-controlled. And to get pets to and from their flights, the airline also added specially built temperature-controlled vans, not only at O’Hare, but at the Washington Dulles and Las Vegas airports as well.

“We have more vans dedicated to pet transport than any other worldwide carrier,” said Tony Randgaard, manager of cargo marketing and product development. “We also have dedicated handling crews at all eight U.S. hubs, as well as a PetSafe desk available to customers 24/7.” In addition, customers can track their pet’s itinerary online at unitedcargo.com using the animal’s waybill number.

The O’Hare facility joins existing facilities at United’s Newark and Houston hubs, where pets can board if their itinerary includes an overnight layover. In addition to keeping facilities clean and sanitized, kennel staff feed, walk and exercise pets and even provide grooming and bathing when requested.

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