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This Month’s Hottest Hotels



BACKSTORY: Situated opposite the original Lord’s cricket ground, this Regency townhouse was the first of eight boutique hotels opened by husband-and-wife team Kit and Tim Kemp back in the 1980s. Having sold the property in 2002, the Kemps reacquired it last year and embarked on a top-to-bottom refurbishment.

DESIGN NOTES: What this hotel lacks in size it makes up for in flair. Interior designer Kit Kemp is known for a fearless, witty approach to color and style, and she’s pulled out all the stops here: Pea greens and purples, floral prints and playful appliqués vie for your attention at every turn. Her determination to engage all the senses, meanwhile, is evident in everything from the bedside bottles of lavender linen spray to the many-textured fabrics throughout.

HOT DISH: At the intimate Potting Shed restaurant and bar, the roast Suffolk chicken is a good bet for a main—but the real star here is the ham hock and Stilton salad, a heaping plate of tender pork and fresh greens infused with the flavors of strong cheese and even stronger mustard.

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