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The Month Ahead: Fashion

Male visitors to Milan this month will face a small army of individuals who are better-looking and more stylish than they are. What to do?



With the strong of jaw and chiseled of cheekbone descending on Milan for Men’s Fashion Week, Hemispheres asks Angelo Russica, founder of the Milan Fashion Campus, what steps an ordinary fellow might take to look a little less out of place. JUNE 22–26

How would you describe the typical Milanese approach to style?
Italians in general have a great sense of combination. By mixing colors and fabrics, people create their own style.

Is there anything a schlub like me can do to fit in during Fashion Week?
It’s not about fitting in; we can’t all be the same. Everyone should express his own personality.

What kinds of inexpensive items can I pick up to improve my appearance?
I think a linen pocket square and a nice wallet can make the difference.

What shoe styles are going to be big this year?
Open shoes will be the stars of the summer.

My favorite shoes are purple suede. Will these go down well?
No, unless they are moccasins.

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