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And for the Next Dish…

With the proliferation of celebrity chefs and colossally hyped restaurants, modern diners have a lot on their plates. Here, we talk to a top toque on the verge of second-chance stardom, learn what Parisians like to have for dessert, and generally find out what's on the menu in 2013.



The latest offshoot of the René Redzepi school of ingenious foraging, Bror, is the brainchild of Noma sous-chefs Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman. Opened in April on St. Peter’s Street in Copenhagen with just six staffers and no outside investors, the restaurant is a gutsy undertaking that stands poised to wow the Scandinavian food world. Here, Nutter and Wagman—who, after working together for several years, are figurative brothers if not literal ones—give us their notes on a signature dish at Bror, the beet rib.

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