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Park Life

A condo developer puts a fresh spin on door-to-door travel

Author Michael Kaplan



MIAMI—With his long hair and distressed jeans, Gil Dezer is the Florida real estate world’s resident rock star. And he tends to act the part. Outside his office is an array of luxury cars, part of a collection that runs to 23 vehicles—not including the replica ’56 Porsche 550 Spyder mounted on his living room wall.

“I’m a construction guy, and I relate to things that are beautifully put together,” says Dezer, 38. “I don’t consider it art to spray stuff all over a piece of canvas. To me, though, a Porsche is a piece of art.”

Right now, Dezer and his partners are working on a 60-story condo building, set to open in 2016, that unites his two passions. They’re calling it Porsche Design Tower, and its big selling point is that residents will be able to drive right up to their front doors—emphasis on up—via large elevators. There also will be strategically placed picture windows, so buyers can admire their wheels from the sofa.

Condos start at around $4 million and top out at $21 million. (Dezer’s own unit may end up costing a bit more, as he’s installing a “man cave for cars.”) But Dezer doesn’t think the prices will deter people.

“The guy who spends $6 million on a condo doesn’t want to live next to a $400,000 guy,” he explains, adding that, as an avid poker player, he’s looking forward to meeting his “über-wealthy” neighbors. “Imagine the games I’ll be able to have,” he says.

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