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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Hong Kong to London, we round up some of the world's most notable overnights


DESIGN NOTES: Priding itself on its “innovative takes on tradition,” this decade-old boutique hotel has a restrained approach to décor. It rarely ventures into splashy, and never sacrifices utility for style (no chairs that threaten to topple every time you shift position, no light fixtures that fail to shed actual light).

WHAT YOU’LL FIND JUST OUTSIDE: Pretty much everything that tops the Boston visitor’s to-do list: the chic shops of Newbury Street, the lovingly cultivated Public Garden, the fridge-magnet historicism of Faneuil Hall. And Harvard Square is a short hop across the river, if mingling with intellectually precocious youngsters is your thing.

ROOM WITH A VIEW: The upper-level corner rooms of this 19-story hotel have floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the Charles River, Boston Common and Beacon Hill, all of which appear even more postcard-perfect from up high.

AMAZING AMENITIES: If nothing else, your dog will thank you for bringing it here. Not only is the pooch-friendly Common a stick’s throw away, you don’t even have to throw the stick yourself—Nine Zero’s dog walkers are on hand for that. They’ll also groom your traveling companion, if you wish, and lay out a little bowl of in-room doggy treats.

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