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The Month Ahead: TV

Aden Young as released death-row inmate Daniel Holden in “Rectify,” premiering this month on the Sundance Channel

Having turned a drama about a meth kingpin into a highly addictive TV hit, the producers of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” are setting their sights on even grimmer territory with “Rectify,” a new Sundance Channel series about a former death row inmate. Here’s how it stacks up against its predecessor.

Less-Than-Jolly Plot
“Breaking Bad”: Cancer-stricken science teacher begins making meth to provide for his family; gets addicted to the biz.
“Rectify”: Prisoner is freed after 20 years and must grapple with a dramatically changed society. His hometown thinks he’s guilty. Which he might be.

Main Character
“Breaking Bad”: Walter White, family man turned epic villain.
“Rectify”: While rooting for a meth manufacturer is a bit uncomfortable, at least we know where we stand with Walt. But is Daniel Holden a victim or a monster? Murky.

Lead Actor
“Breaking Bad”: Bryan Cranston, whose comedic flair amps up Walt’s creepy intensity.
“Rectify”: The only funny thing about Aden Young’s Daniel Holden is his deadpan reaction to life’s absurdities. And even then, no one’s really laughing. APRIL 22

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