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Geared Up

Presenting our annual Tech Special, starring smart TVs, cutting-edge audio and robots, robots, robots!

Author Adam K. Raymond


The Google Play store is home to a treasure trove of games that can be launched only on an Android-enabled phone or tablet. In an attempt to bridge the gap between mobile and console gaming, Nvidia brings us Project Shield, a handheld gaming system that runs Android and uses a full-size console-style controller to play games on an attached 5-inch screen. If that sounds too small for Fruit Ninja, the device can also connect to a TV through an HDMI cord. Gameplay isn’t limited to the Google store, either: Project Shield can stream PC games over a local Wi-Fi network, allowing gamers to use its Xbox-like controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. It’s not as exciting as the GameBoy was, but it’s close. Not yet priced / shield.nvidia.com



Still using a mouse to move your cursor? So is virtually everyone else—except for those with a Tobii Rex, a device that lets you use your eyes to control what happens onscreen. The technology is housed in a bar that attaches to your PC via USB. After it calibrates to your eyes, it allows you to select an item onscreen simply by looking at it. Want to open a document? Just look and press a button on the keyboard. How about scrolling down a page? Move your eyes in the desired direction. Like to play games? You can aim weapons with your eyes! Mice: exterminated. Not yet priced / www.tobii.com

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