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Geared Up

Presenting our annual Tech Special, starring smart TVs, cutting-edge audio and robots, robots, robots!

Author Adam K. Raymond


Wallet, phone, keys. Keys, phone, wallet. Phone, wallet, keys. No matter the order, repeating that mental checklist is a necessity for the brain-drained modern person. CardNinja’s aim is to reduce the holy trinity by one. Thanks to its strong adhesive backing, this surprisingly sturdy pocket sticks to nearly any smartphone, and can hold credit cards, IDs, cash and—with the possible exception of ketchup packets—just about anything else people shove into their wallets. $20 / www.cardninja.com



That ode to functionality, the fork, remained unaltered for centuries due to its perfection. Then, sometime in the 19th century, the first spork came along—and utensil visionaries were inspired. Next came the knork, the sporf and now the HAPIfork, a smart fork that monitors how fast you eat and buzzes when your bites-per-minute gets out of control. The point? Studies show that eating slowly makes you feel fuller, helps with digestive problems and decreases the likelihood of gastric reflux. Of course, the fork doesn’t know what you’re eating. For that, you’re on the honor system. $99 / www.hapilabs.com

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