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The Month Ahead: Exhibits

Chicago’s Field Museum shows visitors the light

If the ferocious success of the movie Avatar proved anything, it’s that you can never overestimate the allure of glowing wildlife. In the non-CGI world, glow worms and fireflies have a similar appeal. The Field Museum in Chicago taps into our love of self-illuminating critters with “Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence,” an exhibit that showcases scorpions, mushrooms, dinoflagellates and more. It also features a re-creation of New Zealand’s glow worm-filled Waitomo cave system, an interactive model of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent Mosquito Bay and the ethereal firefly photographs of Tsuneaki Hiramatsu (like the one above), all of which are sure to put visitors in mind of a lazy summer evening—on a faraway planet. MARCH 7

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