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Three Perfect Days: Belize

A mecca for hard-core scuba divers and laid-back beach types, this tiny Central American country on the Caribbean has even more to offer—vast ancient ruins, stunning native crafts and a wealth of exotic flora and fauna—for those who venture off the beaten path

Author Joe Keohane Photography Al Argueta

Rumfish y Vino in Placencia

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WHEN YOU MENTION BELIZE, most people think of the northeast, home to such well-established stops on the global-traveler circuit as Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and the fabled Blue Hole, arguably the world’s foremost scuba destination. But Central America’s youngest country (Belize gained independence from Britain in 1981) offers much more, particularly in the less developed south and west. These regions have everything from pristine beaches, for which Belize is best known, to spectacular Mayan ruins, cathedral-like caves and a variety of ecosystems that can change every few miles: Shoreline is followed by savannah, which itself is followed by subtropical forest; pine forest and rain forest are side by side, separated by only a narrow ridge. What’s more, the once tricky dirt roads here are increasingly being restored and paved, making it easier for curious travelers to explore the other Belize—the indigenous cultures and ecological gems of this tiny Central American nation. As you’ll discover in the days ahead, it’s a road trip well worth taking. (Though you’ll still want to rent a four-wheel drive …)

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One Response to “Three Perfect Days: Belize”

  1. Barbara Solak (retiree) Says:
    February 23rd, 2013 at 11:06 am

    I have been fascinated with Belize since it became independent. I enjoyed reading about it and would love to visit some day. Since I am not a water person, I was excited to see that there are many road trips. I love to do site-seeing. I’ll probably never be able to afford it but enjoy reading about such a beautifil country.

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