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The Month Ahead: Events


They’re celebrating Mardi Gras this month in New Orleans, an annual event in which revelers congregate on the street and partake in the age-old tradition known as “slopping your drink all over yourself while whooping deafeningly.” Slightly less whoo-hoo-y is the celebration that started it all, the Venice Carnival, which traces its roots to the 12th century. Set amid the splendor of what might be the world’s most photogenic city, it’s an 18-day binge of minuets, masked balls, theatrical performances, sumptuous feasts and—on the evening of the final day—the Silent Water Parade, in which a flotilla of candlelit gondolas makes its way along the Grand Canal. It’s a glorious spectacle, lacking only the aural backdrop of people shouting, “Beads! Beads!” JAN. 26-FEB. 12

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