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Out With the Old

From the world's largest theme park in New Jersey to Singapore's Dr. Seussian gardens to Pablo Picasso's long-awaited return to Paris, here are 25 new things to see and do this year (with places to stay while you're doing them)

Getting up close and personal with marine life at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

23. CLEVELAND: Go Fish!

Since 1985, the Buckeye State’s second largest city had been tragically bereft of an aquarium. That changed with the debut of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, a world-class attraction with a touch of local history (it’s housed in a former 19th-century power station). The facility’s 10 exhibition areas include “Ohio Lakes and Rivers,” “Tropical Reef,” “Key West” and something called “Weird and Wonderful.” A 145-foot-long walk-through shark tunnel offers surefire thrills, as does a tank where brave souls are permitted to lean in and actually touch rays, baby sharks, starfish and other marine life.

24. MONTREAL: Space Shot

This spring marks the grand opening of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, an ambitious project that has joined Montreal’s famous biodome, insectarium and botanical garden in Canada’s largest natural science museum complex. Creators hope the new planetarium—featuring two theaters, multimedia exhibits, lab workspaces and more—will inspire visitors to reach for the stars (rather than spending all their time making cooing noises at the nearby biodome’s beloved river otter).

25. CANCUN: Underwater Real Estate

You’re looking at a nondescript suburban house when something strange happens: An eel pops out of the chimney. You’re at the Under water Museum of Art in Cancún. Artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s latest work, Urban Reef, comprises a group of incredibly detailed houses that provide sanctuary for all manner of undersea creatures (none of which display any inordinate suburban angst).

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