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Out With the Old

From the world's largest theme park in New Jersey to Singapore's Dr. Seussian gardens to Pablo Picasso's long-awaited return to Paris, here are 25 new things to see and do this year (with places to stay while you're doing them)

Left, punk icon Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols; right, Karl Lagerfeld channels punk for Chanel

19. NEW YORK CITY: Fashion Anarchy

From the beginning of the punk movement, there’s been little daylight between the music and the fashions. What started as a snarling underground sensibility in New York migrated to London, where it was refined into an enduring “look” by Malcolm McLaren et al. Starting in May, a new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” will examine punk’s impact on style, from its birth in the 1970s through its influence on high fashion today.

20. RIO DE JANEIRO: Prep Rally

The 2014 soccer World Cup hotly followed by the 2016 Olympic Games means that Rio is getting a face-lift. Take Lapa, the city’s gritty nightlife district, where samba thrives and every proper night out in Rio ends. Improvements here include an outdoor exhibition space, a cultural center and performing arts school, and better security and organization. The hope, says Rio’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, is not to scrub Lapa of its personality but to smooth its rough edges. “There can be lively disorder,” he said recently. “It’s part of the locale.”

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